Track Record

CEMIRIDE has strengthened and amplified the voices of minorities and indigenous peoples in key processes contribution to the protection and promotion of their rights. Specifically,

  • Achieved the inclusion of the voices of the indigenous communities the National Climate Change Engagement Plan (2018-22) and successfully lobbied for the NCCAP 2018-22 Marginalised indigenous Communities Engagement Framework (link to the engagement framework)
  • CEMIRIDE, in recognition of its ability to effectively mobilise minorities and marginalised communities, was appointed as a national implementation Committee Member of Strengthening the Resilience of the IGAD region to the adverse Impacts of Climate Change through effective Adaptation and Mitigation Actions (RICCAMA)
  • Successfully mobilised minorities and marginalised communities to engage in the 3RD Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2020. (Link to the Accepted Recommendations)
  • A steering committee member of the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Multi Stakeholder Platform, CEMIRIDE ensures the effective representation of the minorities and marginalised communities in the coordination and harmonization of CSA implementation while fostering an enabling environment for the realization of CSA objectives (Link to CSA site (
  • Engaged with the Ministry of Lands to ensure the capture of the issues of issues of concerns of minorities and indigenous communities to the various land reforms processes
  • Engaged with Land Non State Actors in Kenya to ensure the proper and effective representation of minorities and indigenous communities in land governance
  • Engaged with like-minded Non State Actors to create awareness on the challenges faced by national minorities facing citizenship issues amid the rollout of the Huduma Namba project by the government (Link to relevant Huduma Namba sites eg Namati)
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